Snow leopard  with Tibetan dramyin, boots, and beads. Conservation status is vulnerable to endangered.
  Siberian tiger  drinking tea from a Russian samovar. Endangered.
  Blue-throated macaw  with Bolivian fruit, textile, and hat. Critically endangered.
  Mountain gorilla  with a cup of  fair trade coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and baskets from Rwanda. Critically endangered.
  'Ilio holo i ka uaua  (dog that runs in rough seas), or Hawaiian monk seal, playing an ukulele. Endangered.
  Arboreal alligator lizard  (Abronia graminea) from Mexico, painting fresco in historic Teotihuacan style. Endangered.
  Black-footed ferret  wearing a USA flag cape and riding a Harley. Endangered.
  Giant sable antelope  playing a traditional Chokwe mukupela drum from Angola. Critically endangered.
  Giant Panda  sharing Chinese Harvest Festival black bean and lotus mookcakes. Conservation status is vulnerable.
  Vaquita  with marigolds, decorating sugar skulls, for Dia de los Muertos. Critically endangered. Possibly only 12 now exist.
  Pangolin  holding a Chinese paper lantern. Endangered.
  Polar bear  with hat, scarf, and evergreen. Conservation status is vulnerable.
  Regent honeyeater  with noisemaker, in a Mugga Ironbark eucalyptus tree. Critically endangered.
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