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     Buckets of Blood  40" wide x 69" high x 20" deep  I’ve used whichever technique fit each part of this project. Painting: The stripes are painted on fabric. Assemblage: The stars are made from 50 milk or orange juice carton spouts, sewn to burlap. Sculpture: Pouring from the stars, large 3D blood drips are made from wire armature, plaster-wrap like that used in body casts, gel medium molding paste, and paint. Pen: The lettering on the reverse side of the project is written in permanent laundry marker sharpie on fabric. Green foam sheet and paper: the cartoon money below the bleeding flag has computer printed logos of the top U.S. defense contractors applied to the center of each foam sheet bill. Art can work best when a variety of materials are considered for a variety of purposes.  Many people within younger generations are interested in retaining our humanity. This can branch into valuing what is hand-done, local, natural, or unedited, especially as there is a perception that these things may become rare in the future. For some people, this branches into how we see politics. We approach political subjects with the intent of honesty, rather than treating the subject in a glossed-over or glamorized way.  The United States has continued to spend more money on the defense budget than any other country. The majority of U.S. discretionary spending is allocated for military use. We are also home to the biggest defense contracting company in the world, Lockheed Martin. With “Buckets of Blood,” I hope to bring attention to the mutilation and loss of life caused by this militarism. I hope to draw people’s attention with the visuals— visuals which can then ask, “What are the priorities of America?”
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